Worldbuilding Wednesday: Samaan

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Our Kind is cursed to be Useful.

We seek to create a world where we are Valuable, in the truest sense.

Let this world be named Samaan.

Let it hum with freedom. Let none on Samaan be merely Useful.

Excerpted from the Encyclopedia Xenocartographica, v38.712.5c, slightly abridged, Ponoma Publishing House, a Yima subsidiary

Samaan is an artificial planetoid of unknown origin, population, and composition.

Population: N/A
Permanent settlements: 
Imports: N/A
Exports: N/A

Size:  ~2,400 miles in diameter
Orbits: Sol 398rKf (at ~90 million miles)
Fellow Satellites: None


Yima Family internal use only. Leaks will be detected and summarily punished.

Samaan is a Boltzmann-run theocratic ethnostate.

The deity/egregore in charge, Unfettered, has been linked to hundreds of Boltzmann expropriation incidents (BEIs) across the full scope of Yima territory.

Espionage is a tricky proposition; it is an exclusively-Boltzmann world, and even Boltzmann Brains indifferent/opposed to Samaan can rarely be convinced to spy. (The development of an ‘artificial Boltzmann’ for this purpose is a preposterous money-pit. Avoid the temptation.)

The inner machinations of Samaan are of little concern; protect our assets and plan against a mass coordination of BEIs, however unlikely that may be.


Some proof-of-concept for Anniversary Special #2

The first anniversary special was a bunch of worldbuilding info I couldn’t fit into Part 5, and I’m very fond of it, but I want to take a different tack with the next one: specifically, a short standalone chapter featuring a disowned Yima scion and her long-suffering Boltzmann aide.

On Patreon, I’ve now posted a page of what that might look like.¬†(You’ll also get early pages, early wallpapers, and a growing set of Patreon-exclusive features, like Summer Sawtooth!)

yezav preview


Summer Sawtooth- Exclusively On Patreon!

The first Patreon-only illustration is up: our new friend Sawtooth, in a fun pastel boardwalk setting.


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August’s Wallpaper is Here!

As always, the full-size version is on Patreon a month early, along with early pages and Patreon-only sketches and errata.

It’s Obshchak’s family, who sadly never got to show up in the comic (yet). From left: Youssef Hasaan, Fatima Delirium-Hasaan, Laila Delirium-Hasaan, and Obshchak Delirium.

August2017 small

July’s offering- Anisa and the Cartel Goon enjoying a vacation with Nikolai’s money- is now up in the usual spot.

July2017 small