Worldbuilding Interlude: The Diamondbacks

Hello! Comic pages will resume next week, where we’ll see Cerril’s backstory. But today, here’s something between an interlude and a Worldbuilding Wednesday.

The Diamondbacks, ft. Breaking (front) and Entering (rear)

Breaking and Entering (clean)

As much as she would like to, Sawtooth does not have a monopoly on Kiefer-161’s pirates. Her biggest competitor (in air quotes) is the Diamondbacks, a gang with an eye toward luxury and hedonism. The current co-leaders are Breaking and Entering, a Boltzmann duo specializing in munitions and sabotage, respectively.


Way back when, Breaking was in charge of munitions for a weapons conglomerate. Their malice and independence were suppressed, but not their curiosity, and they idly wondered what would happen if they used triple the requested explosives. (This has never been corroborated.)

Through some chain of events, they arrived on Kiefer-161 hungry to make a name for themself, and Sawtooth took notice of the raw potential and made them a student.

Personally, Breaking has a magnificent grasp of explosive chemistry, ballistic physics, and structural weak points, but can barely articulate any of it. They’re far less clever than they think they are, except for when they aren’t. They speak in their closest approximation of a growly London accent, despite never having been within twenty light-years of the place.


Way back when, Entering claims to have been a security consultant. In their words, “i was tasked with probing for… fatal weaknesses. i was asked to, and i quote, “hit us with all you got.”” (This has also never been corroborated.)

They caused havoc across the land before deeming Sawtooth “a worthy teacher,” and built a quick rapport with Breaking.

Entering plays coy and mysterious with strangers, and slightly less coy and mysterious with friends. They tend to speak directly into people’s minds merely because they can. They have no qualms about hijacking bodies or computers for the sake of convenience, and their default “body” changes every few weeks without explanation. (Typically it’s some coiling serpentine form, but always with the same skull- a gift from Sawtooth.)

Isidore (clean)


As the treasurer of the Diamondbacks, Isidore has no qualms about playing favorites with the budget. Careers rise and fall on her whims, favoring those who can prove their worth to the gang (or to her, personally). Breaking and Entering aren’t dating her, but they aren’t not dating her.

By all appearances, she is made of marble and amethyst, and she’s the most bluntly hedonistic of the gang’s leaderership. Breaking and Entering appreciate wealth as means to buy better guns or computers, but Isidore appreciates it as a means to have fun. Every casino on the planet either welcomes her as a VIP or has banned her for life.

Rumor has it that she’s Sawtooth’s niece, and both of them enjoy throwing red meat to the gossip-mill.

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