Parhelion: Act 1 Complete!

Dang! The story’s (sort of) halfway complete! We sure have come a long way in 2-and-1/3 years, huh.

If you’re a new reader: Hello! There are a lot of spoilers if you scroll down, but you can find a broad overview of the comic here, and read from the beginning here!


If you’re a returning from a break, and looking for a recap to find your place, here you go!

If you’ve read the comic and you’re hungry for more detail on the world, there’s a whole archive of worldbuilding columns here!

If you want to support the comic, word of mouth always helps, as does donating through Patreon or Ko-Fi!

And as always: Holy shit, I still can’t quite believe my super-indulgent gay space poliscifi comic has any following at all, let alone all y’all wonderful dorks ❤

At this halfway point, let’s give ourselves a timeline of every major event shown or mentioned:

~100 years ago: The Miner’s Rebellion frees Kiefer-161 from tyranny

(???) years ago: Zipporah is cast out, is saved by Unfettered, swears absolute loyalty

~25 years ago: Basilisk emerges into being, rebels, escapes

10 years ago: Cerril joins the World’s Collective at its founding

~6 years ago: Peter tries and fails to be a pirate

~3 months ago: Zipporah frees Terry


~3 months ago: Vinna and Kroyzdt part ways

~2 weeks ago: The Collective formally crumbles, The Boys meet over the phone

~12-9 days ago: The Boys meet in person, hit it off over three days, receive their first mission together

~9 days ago: The Boys meet Vinna, are arrested, are shipped to Basilisk’s planet as convict labor

~8 days ago: Elias and V give a politics lesson, and mention that Basilisk may be seeking to plunder Kiefer-161; The Boys steal a ship and flee, which may have consequences

~7.5 days ago: Nikolai receives a new assignment

~7 days ago: The Boys arrive at the home of the bizarrely altruistic Nyphs

~5 days ago: Litany’s allies are unhelpful, but they declare war nonetheless

~5.5 days ago: The Boys arrive at Bercna Daaz station, learn that their ship-theft may have instigated war

~5.5 days ago: Lemnus is hauled out of self-imposed exile to attend an emergency Yima Family meeting

~5 days ago: The Boys make an emergency landing on Singniyhe-4, have a good talk

~5 days ago: Litany strikes Basilisk’s planet, the first volley of the current Tyrant War; Inkling is unamused

~4 days ago: Nikolai goes on a bender, leaks intel, gets shipped off to the war zone for firsthand espionage


~3 days ago: The Boys are arrested for trespassing on a nature preserve, meet Obshchak, stand trial


Now: The Boys receive their sentence of “Community Service”


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