Anniversary Special 2: Iconography

Parhelion is TWO YEARS OLD! CRAZY, huh??

I’m so proud of how far I’ve come in these two years, from scripting to composition to rendering to overall story flow to subtle details. (The next few pages will start wrapping around to the very first, to drive that point home.) There are a lot of things I’d like to fix about the early days, but I’m proud to show this fossil record of my artistic growth.

I know it sounds like such a corny cliche when creators thank the fans for making it all possible, but trust me- y’all are Amazing. Everyone who got seriously invested in Boltzmann liberation, everyone who fell in love with Sawtooth, everyone terrified for the safety of Kiefer-161. If necessary, I’d make this comic just to fulfill my own need to see it in the world, but I’m so glad I’ve found others that share my vision.

I know that my pace has slowed down, the extra content has lessened, while I deal with life obligations and hand-strain, and I’m so grateful for all your ongoing support.

Last year, at this time, I posted some pirate worldbuilding; now, enjoy some propaganda posters! We got the sprawling aristocorps of the Yima (Cartel/Family), the sacred Boltzmann haven of Samaan, the hardscrabble frontier of Kiefer-161, and the curious altruism of the Nyphs.

Also, if you like the comic, and you’re excited for its future, please consider supporting financially! You can do it on Ko-Fi, or Patreon, or PayPal; only Patreon gets you bonus and early content, but the others are simple one-time donations. Alternatively, or in addition, consider telling a friend! Surely you know someone who loves gay alien politicking (we tend to travel in packs), and word-of-mouth is the best advertising I could ask for.

I’ve got some wild stuff planned for 2018, within the comic and beyond, and I’m beyond excited for y’all to see it- the things I’m waiting to release, the things I have yet to make, and the things I haven’t even thought of yet.


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