Guest Page: Jey Barnes


Today we are graced with a guest page from Jey “Prawnlegs” Barnes, creator of Job Satisfaction and friend of the show! Here’s an Absolutely Canon look at what our long-distance bureaucrat lesbians are up to. I love this moment of threads converging, and the implication that silly New Sequa court TV is ubiquitous through the galaxy. (Vinna can totally get unapproved broadcasts from light-years away, yet reliable Adblock still eludes her.)

Job Satisfaction is a tremendously fun comic about demon-summoners, the world around them, their houseguests, their clients, and Ambrose. Chip in on Patreon for some 100%-worth-it early page lineart and extra bits, and/or commission Jey (as I have) for some Quality art of, I dunno, Angela Merkel or Killer Mike or Luigi. (I’ve also contributed a Job Satisfaction page or two to in my day, and that was what made me realize that adding color would be a cool thing to do.)

The next page from me will be up on Friday, beginning the move to a once-weekly update schedule. THAT SAID, the story and art go some real cool places, and I trust that on the whole it’s a fair trade.

God, they even got the tally marks.

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