(Characters in order of appearance)

The Yima Cartel
Yima Cartel logo.png
A grand, feudal network of businesses spanning from food service to warp engines to telecommunications and everything in between. Billions of people only use Yima goods and services from cradle to grave, whether they want to or not.

The Tyrants
A loose federation of warlords with silly affectations and brittle egos.

New Sequa
A governing body attempting to revive the Collective’s ideals with some more teeth. Limited in scope to a few affluent planets.

Peter Vonn (Piyotr Aleksi-Jangmadang Vonn)
Portrait Peter
A human smuggler and pirate descended from five generations of similar folks, hailing from the black-market hub Kiefer-161. Very suspicious of well-meaning utopianism. Fursona: Great Dane/German Shepherd hybrid in a cool bomber jacket. (He)

Cerril Tonsay
Portrait Cerril
Former interpreter for the Collective,  fond of diplomatic puzzle-solving, prone to the Dunning-Kruger effect, trying to be a supportive boyfriend. Fursona: Owl/Scarlet Macaw hybrid with a sweater vest and pince-nez. (He)

Portrait Alison
Space empress presiding over a land of rolling hills, big fan of exuberantly speaking in paragraphs. Employs Peter on retainer. Fursona: State secret. (She)

Portrait Basilisk
Tyrant, seven-foot-tall Boltzmann brain, and curator of vast scientific archives. Don’t get in their way, and don’t make eye contact. Fursona: Scarred, grizzled lion with a mane of steel wool. (They)

portrait Litany
Tyrant, promising eternal stasis, possessing dozens of minds within one vampiric body. Frequently gridlocked all to hell. Fursona: Portuguese Man-O’-War. (They)

Vinna Shayakti
portrait Vinna
Manager of a remote Cartel outpost, trying to stay positive. Married to Kroyzdt. Fursona: Reclusive opossum. (She)

portrait Kroyzdt
Middle-manager for the Cartel, trying to help Vinna stay sane during her exile. Big fan of video calls. Fursona: Golden Retriever. (She)

Elias and V
portrait Elias and V
Coiled, nonverbal bureaucrat and their snakelike interpreter, respectively. Working for Basilisk, with little enthusiasm. Fursona: Termite. (They, for both.)

portrait Nikolai
Morally-bankrupt information broker, trading in forsite, working for the Cartel. Smug, and a big fan of italics. Fursona: Persian cat. (They)

Portrait Nyph
A self-replicating species of chipper altruists. Alarmingly hospitable. Fursona: Worker bee. (She/They)

Portrait Inkling
Tyrant, promising absolute creative freedom. Mercurial in body and mind, very easily bored. Fursona: rounds off to ‘sparkledog’. (She)

portrait Warden
Tyrant, promising absolute security. Lives in the center of a hollow planet, observes all. Fursona: Three-eyed meerkat. (He/They)

Portrait Zipporah
Boltzmann, fully committed to liberating her kind. Unfettered’s right hand, top field agent, and lover. Fursona: Wolf-Knight. (She)

portrait Unfettered
Boltzmann liberationist, separatist, and self-appointed goddess. Dearly loves her kind, especially Zipporah. Fursona: Capybara in flowing robes. (She)

Ilzo and 49
portrait Ilzo and 49
Spaceport backpacker, and a Boltzmann fascinated by social bonds, respectively, sharing Ilzo’s body. Certified Ray of Sunshine. Fursona: Kitten. (She and they, respectively; she or they when referred to as a single entity)

portrait Lemnus
Estranged member of the Cartel top brass, voluntarily retired after an incident in their youth. Has no plans to return. Fursona: Hibernating bear. (They)

Isaac Dayh
portrait Isaac
Close cousin of Lemnus, propulsion engineer, deeply unsatisfied. Fursona: Run-of-the-mill dog. (He)

Anisa Gwako
Portrait Anisa
Overworked prosecutor for New Sequa, big fan of jurisprudence, Trying Her Best. Fursona: Peregrine falcon. (She)

Obshchak Delirium (Ob Del to the public, Ob to friends, never Obdel under any circumstances)
portrait Obshchak Delirium
Effusive Boltzmann celebrity lawyer, fully aware of the media’s power, a Real Stand-Up Guy. Fursona: Cuddly-bara crocodile-bear. (He/They)

portrait Sawtooth

Leader of Sawtooth’s Clan on Kiefer-161, and Peter’s boss way back in the day. A winning smile, but nobody’s quite sure how it works. Fursona: Herself. (She)

portrait Ixkatli
Zlotl, devout Qulurist monk, and Pak Parang tour guide. Has some feelings bottled up. Fursona: René Descartes. (They)

Aishah, Farouz, and Zun
Aishah, Farouz, Zun
A trio of zlotl from the Parangya Undercity, fond of modding themselves and smooching each other. May have some baggage with Ixkatli. (They, he, and they, respectively.)

Modra Dayh



Boxcutter Jangmadang

Saffron Aleksi

Isidore Porphyro

Aleksi Vonn

Vasthayia ak Sultuiy ak Qan