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A synopsis of the entire story, with relevant page links.


Introduction (4 pages)
The well-meaning utopians of the World’s Collective failed, and the galaxy is a fragmented mess.

Part 1: First Impressions (29 pages)
Our two boys meet up and spend seventy-two hours locked in a confined space.
Enter Peter / Enter Cerril / Rocky Beginning / Day One / Day Two / Day Three / Taking A Stroll

Interlude 1: Royal We (9 pages)
Basilisk refuses to play by the rules. This may have some consequences.
Enter Basilisk / Litany Holds Court

Part 2: Missed Connections (21 pages)
Our boys get entangled with another relationship, then make some very bad decisions elsewhere.
Enter Vinna / Dealing With Alison / Convergence / Yima Ruins Everything / Extradition / Arrival

Interlude 2: Boltzmanifesto (9 pages)
Basilisk’s refusal to ever be ruled is not new. (Offscreen death, mild bloodless gore, allusions to institutional abuse.)
The Beginning / The Defiance / The Consequences

Part 3: Painful Truths (14 pages)
The Boys get a fire lit under their asses.
Exposition / Realization / Escape / Galvanization / Ascension

Interlude 3: Data Mining (7 pages)
A morally-bankrupt broker makes a revelation. (Offscreen death.)
Condescension / Panic

Interlude 4: Ready for Takeoff (10 pages)
Flashing back a few weeks, Vinna and Kroyzdt enjoy their last day together for a few months.
Waking Up / The Gardens / Goodbye

Part 4: The Most Good You Can Do (11 pages)
The Boys come across a land of alarmingly chipper altruists. (Implicit cannibalism.)
Coming In Hot / Effective Altruism / Dinner

Interlude 5: Peace Talks Have Broken Down (7 pages)
Litany is bad at diplomacy.
Tough Talk / Dismissal / Coup

Interlude 6: Exodus (10 pages)
Another take on Boltzmann liberation. (Offscreen death.)
Breakout (Enter Zipporah) / Contact / Homecoming

Part 5: People Skills (22 pages)
The Boys find a guide in hostile territory, and learn that their actions have consequences.
Enter Ilzo and 49 / Who’s This? / Oh No / Rejection / Riot / Flight

Interlude 7: Family Business (11 pages)
An estranged Cartel official grapples with Family politics.
Tranquility (Enter Lemnus) / This Shit Again / Second Thoughts / Relaxation

Anniversary Special: Welcome to Bercna Daaz
A bunch of worldbuilding I couldn’t fit into Part 5, including a ritualized pirate way of saying, “I plan on murdering my boss.”

Part 6: Parts Unknown (26 pages)
The Boys go camping and think about some things. (Allusions to suicidal ideation.)
Panic / Surveying / Nightfall / Mania / Guests / Dark Wandering / Reunion / Arrest

Interlude 8: Opening Volley (7 pages)
Player Three enters the game.
Spectating / Plotting

Interlude 9: Payday (17 pages)
Nikolai fucks up a whole bunch and gets a new assignment (and a new friend). (Quite a bit of alcohol consumption.)
Oh Shit / Poor Life Choices / Turnabout / Assignment / Spill / Muffle / Embezzlement / Companionship

Part 7: Contempt of Court (34 pages)
The Boys have a run-in with the law.
Extradition / Enter Anisa / Memories / Deposition (Enter Obshchak) / It’s Media / Trial / Unwinding

Interlude 10: Limited-Time Offer
chapter peter
A few years in the past, Peter tries piracy for the last time.
Negotiation (Enter Sawtooth) / Domesticity / Adrift

Interlude 11: Collective Fiction
chapter cerril2
Cerril’s public-service career goes poorly.
Year One / Year Two / Year Four / Year Six / The End / Welcome to Sial’s

Anniversary Special 2: Iconography
chapter posters
Celebrating the comic’s second anniversary, here are some cool posters!


Part 8: Whale Watching
The Boys take time to reflect.

Exploration / Life Stories / The Tour / Beneath / Breach

Interlude 12: Field Study
An unlikely couple sifts through a Tyrant’s domain.

Interlude 13: Lessons Learned

Part 9: Going Corporate

Interlude 14: That Pesky Boltzmann

Part 10: Doubt Comes In

Interlude 15: Sixteen Tons
A brief lesson on the history of Kiefer-161.

Part 11: Feast and Freedom