Hello! This project came about because I wanted some good fiction about gay space pirates, in a galaxy wall-to-wall with fascinatingly weird aliens. I also wanted to make the kind of comic that I would love to come across, and I hope you share my taste.

THE GIST: The World’s Collective, an ambitious plan to unite the galaxy, has just formally collapsed. A despondent interpreter hires a pirate to retrieve some personal files from his office, and they hit it off. Meanwhile, wheels are turning throughout the galaxy, with all kinds of plans at cross-purposes. Warlords lock horns, Boltzmann Brains fight for freedom, and plenty of people just want some peace and quiet.

Here’s a summary of the whole story up to now, with relevant page links.

I’ve also got a corresponding Tumblr here, mostly for miscellaneous posts and decontextualized teasers. I’m on Twitter here, which is largely about other stuff but includes some Parhelion commentary.

Every Wednesday, I post a worldbuilding feature and invite questions on the Tumblr blog (where questions are always open). These posts aren’t necessary to understand the plot, but they offer centralized context for certain things. Patreon supporters can read one post into the future.

Basilisk  (Flickery Boltzmann Tyrant who won’t take no for an answer)
Bercna Daaz station (Basilisk’s pirate hub)
Boltzmann Brains (Beings that emerge from chaotic particle motion, total fuckin’ nerds)
(Further detail on how Boltzmann Brains came to be in the comic)
Earth (What’s our planet up to?)
The Foremost Tribunal (The court in which The Boys are tried)
Forsite (A mineral with very useful reconaissance applications)
FTL Travel Risks
Inkling (Easily-bored Tyrant, big fan of art)
The Jewel Runners (Another gang on Kiefer-161, with close ties to Sawtooth)
Kiefer-161 (Peter’s pirate homeworld)
     (A monthlong series of worldbuilding posts on Kiefer-161)
Litany (Creepy Tyrant, composed of many minds)
Morning Star (Honorary Tyrant, has never come up in the comic at all)
New Sequa (The Collective, but hopefully better)
Nyphs (Altruists with a very weird moral compass)
Oblast Strike Tactics (Peter’s favorite video game)
Pak Parang (The whale-city)
Obshchak Delirium (Effusive Boltzmann celebrity lawyer, representing The Boys)
Qulurism (A religion built around pareidolia)
Raskavaar (A syncretic pirate god of vigilante justice)
Rayomem Resort and Spa (The hotel Nikolai ruined)
Samaan (The Boltzmann haven that Zipporah fights for)
Sawtooth (Peter’s former boss)
Singniyhe-4 (The desert world where The Boys got stranded)
Unfettered (The Boltzmann goddess Zipporah is sworn to)
Vexils (The main communication method on Kiefer-161)
Warden (Terse Tyrant, big fan of surveillance)
Warp Coils (The best method of FTL travel)
Yima Cartel (Grand network of monopolies)
Zipporah (Boltzmann liberator)
Zlotl (Amphibious aliens with flexible hormones)
Zlotl, again

Every month I make a wallpaper, available in full-res to Patrons for a month before being made public, here

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