Worldbuilding Wednesday: Pak Parang

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Excerpted from the Encyclopedia Xenocartographica, v38.712.5c, slightly abridged, Ponoma Publishing House, a Yima subsidiary

This entry was last edited in ZY 603, and the information may be outdated. Consult local sources.

Pak Parang is a destination rich in culture and spirituality, found in the outer fringes of the Perseus Arm. A sprawling yet walkable city, it offers unparalleled views of the cosmos from upon a colossal balaenopteroid. If you plan to visit- a must for any serious peregrinator- here are some tips to make the most of your stay:

Upper City

The top layers of the city have a distinct fractal motif, a common object of study and meditation among local Qulurists. The architecture is roughly six to eight hundred years old, exhibiting lovely and durable masonry. If you don’t have a strict itinerary, devoting a day to aimlessly wandering the streets is a must.


Despite their ascetic image, the monasteries are quite cozy. Room and board in one usually comes free with a spiritual retreat, but a number of them have been converted into independent hotels. The city also boasts a network of hostels for the budget-minded traveler, serving hearty breakfasts at unbeatable prices. (Note: Staying in a monastery while not being an observant Qulurist, or staying in a converted monastery, may draw some glares from conservative locals.)

The Ipo Ampitheater is a must-see; even without any interest in theater, the resonant acoustics and roof open to the stars are worth the price of admission alone. Throughout the day, belltowers chime in sequences conducive to introspective meditation. Don’t be afraid to pause your day and reflect.

Most Upper City cuisine is vegetarian, as exemplified in the local staple: Ipyang Zii, a stew of seaweed noodles, tofu and/or legumes, and incendiary peppers. Every restaurant and cloister claims to serve the best, exactly as their ancestors did. You can’t go wrong with any competent chef, though- any variations are largely a matter of personal preference. Dig in!


Pak Parang has changed hands many times, and the neighborhoods which were not rebuilt in the most recent transfer are colloquially called the “Undercity”. The building materials and style are far more diverse, as are the residents. “Modding” is a common sight- expressing buried genes for bioluminescence, fangs, fins, and far more. Every sidewalk is a catwalk!

Undercity hotels are best for the adventurous traveler. There is rarely an elegant way to fit modern amenities into ancient structures, so some trial and error may be necessary to use the plumbing or lock the doors. Still, the experience of living in such a historic time capsule is unparalleled, and well worth the price for an avid scholar.

On any given city block, you can see millennia of architecture across a half-dozen buildings. Trace Parangya history through layer after layer of culture, style, and masonry.

Restaurants in the Undercity are eclectically omnivorous: expect to see gems, bones, meat, fish, and far more exotic fare. No matter your tastes, you can cook a meal to perfection at one of the many famous Hot Pot restaurants. Order raw ingredients from an immense list, and cook them to perfection in your table’s pot of broth!

Ponoma Editor Forums >> Encyclopedia Xenocartographica >> Revisions and Rewrites >> Thread: “what the FUCK is up with the Pak Parang page”

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Lask44 (Thread Author): the EXc is not a travel brochure. this is completely out of  line with our tone and mission. delete and replace ASAP.
(User was suspended for this post.)

Sukuul: omg lask is pissed again
everyone come in and behold before the mods punt this thread into the sun

398537_Xv: I’d be more-or-less fine with it if we could do an editing pass and cut out the purple prose. Like, “perigrinator”? Seriously?

xao_xao: I don’t like Lask’s abrasiveness, and I know we’ve clashed a lot in the past, but a stopped clock is right twice a day: this is exactly the kind of crass gentrification and erosion of local cultures that we should take a stand against.

In fact, this seems way too elaborate to be just a prank or shitpost, and it feels a lot like committee-designed ad copy: is this the groundwork for some kind of Yima annexation?
(User was shadowbanned for this post.)

vVv: Actually, my broodsibs and I have been planning a trip here for a while, and this was really helpful; maybe I’m biased, but I think this is exactly what the EXc needs to stay relevant!

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