Recommendation Spotlight: Dragon Husbands

I spent the sweltering afternoon of July 4th binging through the magnificent Dragon Husbands, a dragon-spirit arranged-gay-marriage soap opera wrapped in a grimy space-cyberpunk setting.

Fai, just getting by in the HK Colony space station, abruptly finds out he’s been arranged to marry a dragon prince all his life- and he has many questions, most of which his fiance can’t answer. From there, the plot spins out into corporate intrigue, personal psychodrama, and budding emotional bonds, all while keeping a tight focus on a core group of compelling characters.

The two halves of the setting aren’t as incongruous as they seem- they keep crossing over in surprising but organic ways, with Patreon lore posts fleshing out the setting in lavish detail.

If you love any combination of shoujo romance, cyberpunk intrigue, cute boys, or Chinese mythology, then check it out. (Note: The most recent pages are rather lewd, although the lewdness in the comic is overall pretty scarce.)

Dragon Husbands pic.jpg

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