Contempt Of Court, Summarized

If you’ve been meaning to catch up, or read the comic at all, this is a great spot to jump on!

Excerpted from the whole plot synopsis, here.

For their trespassing, The Boys have been arrested by New Sequa, the successor to the doomed Collective. Anisa Gwako, a stressed-out prosecutor, isn’t thrilled about this. The Boys unwind in their dorm/cell, preparing for the deposition and trial.

The next morning, they meet their lawyer, the Boltzmann celebrity Obshchak Delirium. It goes alright. The Boys are hesitant to give any details on their case, and Anisa fears the worst. The Boys realize they’re in over their heads, and take their chances on going publicand leaning on Obshchak’s charisma.

Once it’s public, the media starts speculating on whether their government is doomed. The Boys get sick of it fast, and wonder if they’re well and truly fucked.

The next day, the trial begins. Cerril doesn’t react very well to questioning, and Ob pulls The Boys aside for a strategy meeting. He wonders just what, exactly, they’re dancing around, and Peter finally lays it out. Ob does his best to defend them anyway, and afterwards The Boys are trying to unwind back in their room.

They discuss some looming issues, and have some fun. The next morning, Anisa calls them in: they have been found guilty, and the sentence is community service.

I had a lot of fun crafting New Sequa as a Utopian-ish place rightly terrified that all their hard work could unravel. They have a free press and a very humane legal system, but going through that system still inevitably sucks, and Cerril represents two threats: they must confront that someone also from the Collective fucked up big, and he’s tied up in some giant murky Tyrant plot.

I felt like Cerril’s kinda come up short for characterization moments, and this chapter, his backstory interlude, and the next chapter should remedy that.

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