Worldbuilding Wednesday: Obshchak Delirium

(All Worldbuilding Wednesday posts are here, and as always, you can ask questions about this or any other Parhelionverse thing on the Tumblr blog! These posts aren’t necessary to understand the comic, but they might be handy for summarizing context. Patreon backers can read one post into the future.)

‘attaSil: Connect Further!

Profile: OBSHCHAK DELIRIUM (&Ob_Del) (Verified Public Figure)

BIO: married to the wonderful &youssefKH (and to Jurisprudence!) Contact &Chaima_PR for media bookings.


Preorders are OPEN for my New Book, JUDGE, JURY, AND OBSHCHAK. Don’t worry, I am still NOT an executioner despite the parallelism. Chaima, bless her, insisted that it is a catchy title and the implications aren’t that bad. The book has RIVETING TALES of legal theory and PRECEDENT and Personal Anecdotes, and ZERO executions. -Ob (Two attached images)
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Headed to the FOREMOST TRIBUNAL today to represent two VERY GOOD BOYS! You’ll learn about them in DUE TIME, but get ready to LAUGH and CRY. I still CANNOT BELIEVE they fell into my lap. -Ob
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August2017 Parhelion

&youssefKH and I made THE BEST braised lamb and couscous with mixed greens. I couldn’t eat it if I wanted to, being a BOLTZMANN BRAIN and all, but cooking is a WONDERFULLY TACTILE experience that I get to share with MY AMAZING HUSBAND YOUSSEF. If law wasn’t so BOUNDLESSLY FASCINATING, and if I could ‘taste(?)’ things that weren’t data, I would LOVE to become a professional cook!!! -Ob (Sixteen attached images)
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