Worldbuilding Wednesday: Rayomem Resort and Spa

(All Worldbuilding Wednesday posts are here, and as always, you can ask questions about this or any other Parhelionverse thing on the Tumblr blog! These posts aren’t necessary to understand the comic, but they might be handy for summarizing context. Patreon backers can read one post into the future.)

Lay Your Burdens Down!

The Rayomem family of resorts is committed to unparalleled service and relaxation. From check-in, our award-winning staff will handle your every need before you even ask.

Explore For Hours!

Each Rayomem location boasts at least ten square miles of gardens, pools, convention halls, art galleries, simulation chambers, sport facilities, and so much more! We have some unlisted attractions, too, to reward inquisitive visitors~


Our exclusive Ship-of-Theseus procedure will leave you completely renewed (depending on philosophical stance)! Better yet, rejuvenate quite literally with Atemporal Tachyon Therapy!

Exotic Pleasures!

Rayomem cultivates the finest dancers, escorts, companions, and beyond. Fun for the whole family!

Reserve your trip today with the promo code YIMAFAM and save ten percent!

Rayomem Hospitality is a proud Yima subsidiary, accepting all sanctioned Yima currencies. Third-Level Legal Code applies, with potential exceptions at the branch manager’s discretion.

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