On Peter

In terms of ships, Peter/Kiefer-161 is every bit as central as Peter/Cerril.

Peter remembers it with rose-colored goggles, a stew of culture and adventure that shaped him into the Cool Streetwise Pirate he is today. A huge part of his grief in Part 6 is not just the looming fact of death, but not knowing what’ll become of his home, or if he’s too late for any number of reasons.

One reading is “He’s self-involved enough to think that his presence could tip the balance.”

But once the mania of thinking he can build a new homeland is gone, he knows better than to assign himself cosmic importance.

Backing up a bit: a huge part of Peter’s worldview is contempt for systems with Utopian pretensions. He grew up with theft and warlords, and he speaks that language of blunt power. Peter looks at the Collective and sees willful ignorance that suffering is inextricable from power and justice. He wouldn’t mind them half as much if they just owned up to the fact that justice is a myth, but he knows that condescending do-gooders will always return to fuck up Chesterton’s Fence.

Peter can navigate petty tyranny if there’s space for flourishing culture- at the very least, let it be terrible in some interesting way he can engage with. Yima monoculture and Tyrant territory strike him as bluntly evil with no mitigating factors.

Peter’s well-aware of how everything backslides into suffering and tyranny, but like Hell he’s gonna stand by without alleviating what he can. If it’s not too late, he wants to witness his home’s last stand against mediocre evil.

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