Worldbuilding Wednesday: The Yima Cartel

(All Worldbuilding Wednesday posts are here, and as always, you can ask questions about this or any other Parhelionverse thing on the Tumblr blog! These posts aren’t necessary to understand the comic, but they might be handy for summarizing context. Patreon backers can read one post into the future.)

From Our Family To Yours

For generations, the Yima family has worked tirelessly to spread prosperity through the galaxy. We began as a team of asteroid merchants, and we’ve grown year after year to be the galaxy’s leading supplier of everything.

There’s A Place For You!

Yima terraforms dozens of planets a year. Whether you’re interested in the engineering side, looking to settle down, or both, we can make it happen. We offer vocational training in our mining, shipbuilding, and terraforming divisions, with more programs every day.

Yima settlements have options to fit all your needs. Extended family? Aquatic habitats? Sulfur atmospheres? If we don’t have it, check back in a week. That’s a Yima Guarantee!

Innovation Made Simple

Our family works tirelessly to bring you the quality and convenience you’ve come to expect. Whether it’s housing, spaceflight, or analytics, we’ve got you covered, with further expansions every day!

The Yima Guarantee: If We Don’t Have It, Nobody Does.

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