Recommendation Spotlight: NO_SUN

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I try to take in a range of comics for pleasure and inspiration, but I admit I have a soft spot for ones stylistically similar to mine. NO_SUN has a lot of things I’m fond of: funky coloration, space rogues, weird aliens, textured and weathered technology. I’m definitely taking a bunch of cues from this for all future pirate spaceports, particularly Peter’s homeland.


NO_SUN follows a gang of mercenaries on a sprawling space station as they sort out their histories and get in vastly over their heads. The plot threads are crisp and cohesive, with some great interactions and interplay. The style evolves in beautiful ways, really evoking a multispecies corporate hellhole and how people thrive in it.

If you like Cool Cyberpunk Space Adventures that don’t bother with a sterile, geometric style, check it out.

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