Recommendation Spotlight: Digger

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I’ve seen Digger circulating around best-of webcomic lists for a while, and only recently did I sit down to read it and wow I’m glad I did.

Digger-of-Unnecessarily-Convoluted-Tunnels (who just goes by Digger) is a typical wombat, deeply invested in geology and engineering and pretty dismissive of the divine.

And then, disoriented and delirious, she digs into a temple and a divine statue starts talking to her.


Digger finding her way in this world is charming and compelling- especially her dealings with Ed, an exiled hyena, and Shadowchild, a demon(?) very curious about ethics. It reminds me of Bone in good ways, especially with the fusion of deadpan absurdity and grand mythos in ways that benefit both.

And what a mythos it is! So many gods, dead and alive, with conflicting myths about all of them. The religions really do ring plausible, especially with the range of interpretations and how they impact people’s lives.

If you like well-crafted fantasy tales that know how to balance humor and grandeur, check it out.

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