Recommendation Spotlight: Never Satisfied

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Lord knows there’s no shortage of webcomics about teenage wizards, but trust me when I say that Never Satisfied is The Good Shit.


Sadly, this image is (probably) non-canon.

A group of kids with familiars competes to represent their city, and oh my God every one of them exudes excellent character design and the perfect levels of charm and/or repugnance. Giving everyone a cute sidekick almost feels like cheating, but then I remember that they have to be drawn constantly.

The trials are joyously fun action setpieces, and the most recent one is fraught with… everything. The story is headed to some really dramatic places, and it’s high time I caught up and familiarized myself with all the players.

If you like well-realized characters, thoroughly charming visual design, and magical politicking, check it out.

(Also, the cast page has an excellent Easter egg [click on the character portraits], which I stole.)

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