The Parhelion Cast’s Fursonae

Peter: Cool badass German Shepherd with aviator sunglasses who’s always leaning against a jukebox

Cerril: A brilliant and sociable hyacinth macaw who’s always wearing a cute sweater vest

Basilisk: Big ol’ grizzled lion, with plenty of Grand Regal Majesty that could slip into a lunge for the throat at any moment

Litany: Portuguese Man-O’-War, rendered in excruciatingly fine detail

Vinna: Shy, reclusive possum, mostly appears in vent art

Kroyzdt: Golden Retriever

Elias and V: A very dutiful ant

Nikolai: The fluffiest, smuggest Persian cat you ever did see, like the antagonist from a lesser Disney movie

Nyph: Chipper worker bee

Inkling: An original species of ten-dimensional energy pulses that can only exist in dreams, but it rounds off to “sparkledog”

Warden: Sentry meerkat with three eyes

Zipporah: Faithful hound-knight with extremely realistic armor and a sweetass polearm

Unfettered: Capybara radiating a sense of awe and peace, dressed in flowing robes

Ilzo and 49: Kitten who exhibits all the traits of a puppy

Lemnus: Hibernating bear

Isaac: Not particularly interesting by-the-book dog fursona

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