Recommendation Spotlight: Demon Street

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So, Demon Street. It’s a really damn good comic about exploration and friendship and finding connection in a surreal, horrifying, wonderful place.

The use of color is delightful, and there’s such a great “pared-down” aesthetic that speaks to exquisitely-crafted layout and composition. There’s such a strong sense of place for a comic that rarely lays out, “here’s where the characters are in a coherent 3D space,” with delightful use of what I refer to as “folk-art perspective.”

It all blends together into this wonderful sort of internally-consistent dream logic, with a really fun cast of characters playing off each other in interesting ways. I’m only about a third of the way through the archives, so I can’t speak to a ton of it, but I’m saving the rest for my train ride down the east coast.

If you like kickass visual design, wonderful all-ages storytelling, or good webcomics in general, go read it.

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