Recommendation Spotlight: Floornight

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Every so often, I find something that can be described as “literary stimming”: a singularly weird set of parts that interlocks in fascinating ways, and a joy to reread when I’m feeling bored or exhausted. Floornight is the best example of that I can think of.

Souls are a real, and a facility on the ocean floor studies them at their strongest. It’s populated by the kind of people who would choose to live there and study horrifying enigmas. From there, things get weird, in ways I couldn’t coherently spoil if I wanted to.

(This story gave me the idea for Boltzmann brains as a discrete species capable of merging with people or computers, and there’s an upcoming character based a bit on LUDWIG.)

The author described the story as merging every cool idea and wayward plot thread he could find, and it shows. It gets weird in the middle, and rewards rereading to discern what’s going on, but it does stick the landing.

If you like the weird bits of Evangelion, interesting dysfunctional people, and literary experiments with a life of their own, check it out.

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