Recommendation Spotlight: Cordyceps

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I fuckin’ love stories of chipping away at impenetrable mysteries until you get a foothold, then tackling the next impossible challenge. I also love stories of clever, deeply-flawed people needing to cooperate under tight pressure. I’m also a fan of creepy-ass infohazard horror.

Cordyceps: Too Clever For Their Own Good nails all of these. It starts out as a first-person Locked Room Mystery in a hospital(?), narrated by Gavin, an affable fellow, and the Ominous Worldbuilding starts very quickly. In short order, we then meet Archive05, a steel-trap paranoiac. They try cooperating, their memories keep getting reset, they try to figure out how to establish trust, and then things spiral and break bad quite dramatically.

It’s got such a great clicky tense puzzle-solving feeling as pieces fall into place, and the characters are consistently interesting, and it’s such a beautiful thing to behold.

It does get a bit fucked-up on several axes, but if you’re interested in any of the genres above, this is worth your time.

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