Recommendation Spotlight: Job Satisfaction

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I found Job Satisfaction (by Jey “Prawnlegs” Barnes) while delving ~four hundred pages deep into someone’s blog during a tedious cold-calling internship, and I’m so glad the whims of fate worked out that way.

tumblr_inline_nuhqhnks9w1qdqwx2_500Constance is The Best.

In the city of St. Enzo, Not-England, demon summoners ply their trade in a tricky world. Lemme Laviolette (preposterously uptight) helps out Sinh Thúy (alarmingly detached) with household chores, groceries, and managing rampaging hellhounds. They’ve got a couple infernal friends/houseguests/hangers-on who aren’t always transparent about their agendas.

Demons Nobles aren’t always welcome, but they’re certainly ubiquitous. The full nature of Noble-human diplomacy is yet to be revealed, but there are wonderful worldbuilding touches along the way. (The main religion seems to be an extremely Saint-based and syncretic form of Catholicism. More details will come soon.)

The current story arc concerns a jackass pursuing a demon trophy-girlfriend for a high-society party, and it’s shaping up to be A Real Corker. If you like neato demon designs, subtle religious worldbuilding, fun queer slice-of-life, or similar, Check It Out.

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