The cast and their blogs

Peter: Header is “necessity knows no law” in Latin, mostly Outlaw Country aesthetic and excruciatingly long reblog chains of anarchist Discourse.

Cerril: Entirely queued, almost entirely reblogged effortposts on political theory and linguistics, occasionally adding light commentary or links to more sources. Tags used exclusively for organization, but they’re a little idiosyncratic in an obtuse in-joke way. Rambling vent-posts, possibly made while drunk, have gotten worryingly frequent.

Alison: Already exists.

Basilisk: Theoretical math effortposts and elegant b/w geometric aesthetics. Their venting sideblog is fucking legendary, despite a strict no-reblogs policy.

Litany: Religious aesthetic posts, but nobody is quite sure if they’re a traditionalist Catholic or a neopagan. Plenty of salty vagueblogging about a certain angular glitchy fucker.

Vinna: Reblogs of people and outfits she finds appealing, noted absence of tags. All original posts are under readmores, whether they’re adorable videochat screenshots or to-be-deleted venting.

Kroyzdt: Reblogs of home decoration/recipes/outfits, forever and always likes all the sad posts of her mutuals.

Elias and V: Terse, one- or two-sentence vagueblogging about work. No reblogs ever. Default blog theme and icon.

Nikolai: Tacky luxury aesthetic-blogging. Adds snide remarks on Discourse posts, but doesn’t seem to have stances beyond “it’s fun to take potshots at people”. Very gaudy and impractical blog theme.

Nyph: Breathless effective-altruism effortposts, both original and reblogged. Oral-fixation sideblog that they don’t seem to understand might be NSFW.

Inkling: Burning Man/street art aesthetic. Very fond of art that perverts some orderly system, but despises glitch art for reasons she doesn’t talk about.

Warden: Brutalist/Orwellian aesthetic, reblogged effortposts about how panopticons might be good sometimes, but never adds commentary.

Zipporah: Constant political posts on Boltzmann-rights abuses, with or without fact-checking. Women-in-military-gear aesthetic sideblog.

Unfettered: Aesthetic posts that are equal parts gardening, religion, and early-20th-century social reformists. Sometimes reblogs Zipporah’s more reliable posts.

Ilzo and 49: Cross-posts Instagram pictures of her travel destinations, reblogs pop-science articles on social bonding and cheerfully points out all the parts that are embarrassingly wrong.

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