Recommendation Spotlight: O Human Star

Welcome! I thought I’d run a semi-regular column series to highlight things from the links I’d like to enthuse about.

First one: O Human Star.

ohs-bannerSulla is The Best.

Renowned robotics engineer Alistair Sterling awakes in a synthetic body after being dead for sixteen years. His work, carried on by his business partner and lover, Brendan, has changed the world- but Brendan has no idea who revived him.

Brendan is also raising a child forked from Al’s mind, Sulla, who’s dealing with her own socialization troubles.

The comic has a lovely blue color palette and clean linework, switching to red/orange during flashbacks to the early 2000s. I’d love to enthuse about the story some more, but the joy is in the small worldbuilding and little interactions.

Check it out if you’re into sci-fi, sympathetically-drawn fraught relationships, mysteries lurking in the background, or personal drama. Even if you aren’t, it’s worth a look.

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